Sit down and relax – not.

At the weekend I decided to buy myself a Sofa. Since I moved in to my new flat I’ve been siting on a futon – probably one of the most uncomfortable things ever invented to sit on, and when its in its bed position it isn’t much better (probably worst!), so it was definitely time to get something a bit more permanent.

So I decided to buy a sofa that was in a sale, had several hundred pounds off, and the store was offering interest free credit for two years which was a sweet deal as I didn’t real want to spend a lot of money all at once.

So I picked one out, and went through all the documents and signed my name at the bottom, the only thing now was to ring the finance company to confirm my credit and pay a deposit. As far as I know I’d have no problem with the credit so I paid the deposit and left the store before they had a final confirmation from the company… that was my first mistake….

About half an hour later i got a phone call saying the credit had fallen through and I wouldn’t be getting it. (As the information is confidential the finance company couldn’t tell me why, but the BIG problem was that they said they’d already confirmed the furniture from the manufacturer so unless I could find the money from somewhere else I would loose my £300 (pound sterling)

Dammit! (For moral of story find totd here!)

Conclusion – I’ve had to raid my savings to pay for it. (Well technically I haven’t yet, because I’ve got to wait 8 to 10 weeks for devliery…)

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