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On the request of my company, I’ve been taking a course in C#. And actually, I’ve quite enjoyed it. The full course title was: “Developing Applications with the .NET Framework using C#” – rather catchy, no? I went with a company called QA and I can highly recommend them, at least for the course I was on anyway.

The course taught, .Net (forms applications), ASP.Net (web forms applications) and ADO.NET (database driven applications). It was quite interesting and enjoyable, and I left that little bit more knowledgeable. The course can be found here, and just so you know, I went to Swindon QA.

(I wouldn’t recommend driving there every morning from Oxford though! It was taking me 1.5 hours to drive the 30 miles to Swindon… I hate traffic… especially when its dark and you can hardly see the road for the glare of the on coming traffic… but that’s another story…)

Now I’ve got my certificate of completion I think I’m virtually guaranteed a pay rise when I get back to work on Monday… Not. (Which is actually tomorrow – the weekend goes so quickly….) But at least I’ll be working on some new stuff when I get back to work, I can hardly wait…

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