I've got a living room!

It came, its here, I have somewhere to sit.

Yes, it only took three months but they are here and I think they look great.

My front room looks SO much better now, with the Futon (An ancient torture device) thrown out and my brand new sofa and chair in its place. Its sitting on them now, and I’d say it’s somewhere in the region of 1’000’000 times more comfortable than my futon…

I’ve been really worried that the delivery guys wouldn’t be able to get them up to my 3rd floor (or is that 2nd floor?) flat. In fact when I first met one of the delivery guys he looked up the first flight of stairs and said “It’s not going to get up there mate, there’s no room“, which was certainly reassuring… Luckily the other delivery guy knew that the sofa I’d bought actually had a really clever trick up its sleeve (or should I say through its underbelly) the sides of the sofa are designed to come off with a simple turn of a few screws. Hooray! (I didn’t even know that when I bought it, big bonus!)

Anyway, I’m well pleased with my new furniture, all I need to do now is buy a 32 Inch high definition LCD screen and my life will be complete (!)

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