Moving home to the same address.

Just moved house! Well, actually I’ve just moved webpages, but for some reason I think thats almost as exciting…

I am definately in a much better position than I was before. I had my website hosted my my broadband provider which meant if I wanted to move (or had to move) providers I would have to set all my website and emails up again – as it happened my new (real) house can’t get BT as it has NTL so I’ve had to move it.

After a quick looking around I decided to go with . They have some really good features, everything I want, and they seem pretty cheap too. I only bought it yesterday and told my current (PlusNet) providers I didn’t want to host it with them. By this morning FTP, email and website were all there waiting for me.

I’ll do future updates on how streamline handle it from now on.

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