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Continued from earlier post.

So my broadband lasted only four hours before it stopped working. I didn’t realise it had gone down because I was busy trying to get my wireless router to connect – I thought it was a problem with that – I spent several hours trying to get it to work then gave up and left it for another day.

The following day I tried to connect again, but now I noticed the “ready” light was flashing – there’s no information anywhere about what that means, no documentation or scribbles on the modem – anyway, I thought that can’t be good, so I phoned them again (Call number 4). They said there was a problem and it would be fixed by 15:00 the following day. Great, I thought, but there’s nothing I can do about that now, so I was forced to wait.

The next day at around 17:00 I get a call on my mobile from NTL, stating “When would be a good day for us to come around to install broadband?“, “What?!” I thought, and told them I already had it. “Oh”, he said, then I told him about the problem I had yesterday,
“Ah, he said, are you at home now? “
“when would be a good time”
“I’ll be home at 6”
“Oh, unfortunately I can’t come out then, but I might be able to find a evening engineer to come in”
“OK, that would be good”
“I’ll ring you back in 5 to 10 minutes then”
“OK, thanks”

Later that evening (19:00) still not heard anything back broadband still not working. I have the last guys mobile number (which I was seriously thinking of posting here…) so I ring him – no answer, but I leave a message even though I doubt he’d phone – (he hasn’t a week later). So then I phone NTL Broadband again (call 5). They say,
“Yes there’s a fault on the line it will be fixed by 15:00 tomorrow” (And I’m sure this is the same guy I spoke to yesterday)
“OK, I had a call from a guy earlier who said he was going to come around”
“We never send engineer people around to houses sir.” (So then I’m thinking some guy phoned me pretending to be an engineer, but the guy on the end didn’t seem to care in the slightest.”)
“So you can guarantee 15:00 tomorrow then?
“15:00 tomorrow”

That was Thursday night, I know it wasn’t working Friday morning, but I couldn’t try it till Sunday – and I’m glad to say it was working, and still is.

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