My life online…

Well, as you do in those quiet times at work…. I just googled myself – which means I put my own name into google and see what cae out (If you want a go don’t forget the quotes around your full name)

And, just on the first page there’s about 6 relating to me. (It helps if you have a one in a million name… no, I’m not telling you….)

The last item on the search page located a comment I entered four years ago on a website I was into then. It all seems to be pretty dead now, the last news update was back at the end of 2004, the last “clinging on” comment in their Forum was four months ago…. isn’t it sad when software ideas don’t make it…. I wonder how many more website exist in the after life…

(PS, it was this one if your interested! – A 3d world to control your computer buy – it’s good for a quick laugh, I quite like the basketball game in the default area…)

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