Soon to be 30

Yes it’s not long till I’ll have travelled around the Sun 30 times.

During that time,

  • The Sun has travelled about 227 Billion kilometres around our Milky Way Galaxy.
  • I have walked about 10’000 miles around the Earth (mostly in the UK)
  • I have created almost 300 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, not including the stuff I breathe out.
  • And I’ve been asleep for 10 years

And finally, on average, at the age of 30 I should have about 50 more years left…

But now to finish on something much more interesting: Gifts. People keep asking me for some present ideas so here’s a few of them (in no particular order):

There should be enough ideas here for everyone but if your still stuck, have a look around the of the websites I’ve linked to and buy something stupid, cool or nerdy!

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