The Collectors tales of beedle the bard.


It’s in my hand… and … it has got to be the nicest looking book I have ever seen!

Don’t read on if you want to keep what’s in the collectors edition a surprise

The outer box looks like an old book is embossed with the drawing JK made for the front of the original. Open it up and there’s a wallet on the back of the front cover containing “Collector’s Edition Prints” In the main box is a recess contained a velvet looking pouch with JK’s signature stitched in gold.

In side the pouch is the 180 page book. Three dimensional metal engravings appear on the front, with a skull in the centre with emerald eyes. There’s a lock on the side that appears to magically unlock just when it needs to.

The text and images inside look like they have been penned in by hand, and some of the text has definitely been done this way (although is probably been magically reproduced).

I’m sure it will raise lots of money for the Children’s High Level Group. Thanks to JK Rowling and Amazon.

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