1. Neat! I already use KeePass to (among other things) carry around copies of my SSH private keys; it makes sense to get this set up too (although I’m going to have to look into a KeePass-integrated agent, first). Thanks.

  2. I recently updated putty to v0.7 and after that, keepass was no longer able to find putty, issuing an error message;

    Arguments: […]
    The system cannot find the file specified.

    I tried putty.exe instead of putty and I added the directory containing putty.exe to the Windows PATH variable but to no avail. Only if give keepass “C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe” it works.

    I also verified that “the system” actually does find putty by typing putty.exe at the command line and it worked.

    Where does Keepass look for the file?

    • Hi Christoph, KeePass is just passing the command to the Operating System (OS). It doesn’t know where putty is itself. The PATH variable seems like the right thing to change to fix this, not sure why that didn’t work. You’re best searching for how best to fix that.

      You could try copying (or create a symlink to) the putty.exe file in the keepass directory to see if it will find it then.

      As you’ve mentioned though, the full path to the putty executable should work and is unlikely to change frequently.

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