Website blog updater.

Last night I added my first real, AJAX + php code to my website. It basically just gets my blog information then adds a list of my last five blogs to my front page.

Look at the bottom of here:

UPDATE: The code is in a much better condition now, so please feel free to check it out..

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Just converted..

Yep, I’ve just converted my blog to the new google controlled one, with all the new bells and whistles.

The first one I’ve used, and the one I’ve been most eager for, is the labels part. I’ve just been over the last 25 blogs and updated them with a category, not to difficult as I’ve always tried to add my own flag in each of the blogs under the line below each blog starting “#Flag:”

Something I’m proud to say I added for the very reason that new features were probably going to be added soon!

Probably be other nice features too but not had a good luck round yet so a job for later. Off to bed now though as pretty tired!

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Performancing test

Just come across this little extension for Firefox – my web browser of choice – and it basically pops up a nice little text box at the bottom which I can format with all the regular stuff, bold, colour, bullets, etc. But then it automatically adds it to my blog. Sweet. Just what I need when I’m surfing the web and find something I want to tell everyone about: I simply press the “pen and pad” icon and type.

This is the first attempt at using it. Here’s the link: Firefox addon

If your reading *this* then it’s worked. Brilliant!

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So its coming to the end of 2005 and I’ve made an early start on my new years resolution, and what is this resolution I hear you ask? Well, your looking right at it!

Welcome to my first ever blog!

In the last two months I’ve moved 200 miles south to a new job, moved out of my parents house at long last and got myself a nice new apartment. Recenctly bought a new car and I’ve even been lucky enough to find myself a new girlfriend!

Things have certainly changed for me, and for the better so far, and this blog will be an account of my life in this new world…


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