Return journey

It’s now time for me to return back to my flat, at least for a couple of days. Got a lot of stuff to take back, mostly home and kitchen stuff. My last buy was a mop and bucket – Yes, it’s the high life for me! Oh, and its been snowing and its probably icy, so if I don’t make it back in the car – “It’s been fun, and I’ll catch you later. Probably.”

There’s still a few days of the Christmas holidays left, so I’ll be able to do some cleaning of my new place, and some furniture shopping while the sales are on. Think my next buy will be a sofa.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got internet access at home yet, in fact I haven’t even got a phone line at ny new place yet. I have a look around and I think there’s only two company’s that can give me a phone line, either NTL ot BT. I’ve also been looking into getting broadband and it looks like most providers need you to have a BT line in, if anyone can make a recommendation in this area, I would be most welcome, I live in Oxfordshire. I’ll keep you up to date on what I decide, although that might be hard not having internet access… :o)

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Boxing day.

Its technically not boxing day any more, but I’m going to pretend it is.

Today I made a valiant attempt to get everything I own in to some kind of order, so I can then take everything down to my new flat. So far I’ve cleared a meter space of the floor of my bedroom… Unfortunately, I put it all over my bed and now I want to get some sleep so the only choice I have is to put it all back on the floor! I’ll start again tomorrow…

Also went shopping today, first day of sales. And I was out in my old local town centre, Alfreton. There was only about five shops open which probably explains why it wasn’t very busy. However, we still managed to spend quite a bit of money. I went with my Mum and Dad as they said they’d like to buy me some stuff for my new flat. (My mum said “Its not every day we get rid of our son…”, Nice!)

I bought (or rather my mum and dad did) a lot of cool stuff. Mostly for the kitchen – bread bin, kitchen towel holder, that kind of stuff, mostly all chrome looking, except bread bin which is made of wood – also got some bits and pieces I’d need for the Open University courses I am taking this year – just some note pads and printer paper – looking forward to the courses but also a bit apprehensive about the time it might take…

Anyway, getting far to far into tomorrow so better start clearing the stuff off my bed.

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