White noise – on CD.

Can’t get to sleep at night? Strange sounds keeping you awake at night? Workmates annoying you constantly??

Now you can pretend not to notice anything with:

Listen to the calming noises of white noise or rainfall or rolling waves or electiric fans (?) Air Conditioners (??) or Blow dryers (???) or Vacuum Cleaners (?????????)

No, I’m serious. And you can even try them on the website.

(Actually the first three are pretty calming, you can buy me one if you like…)

totd: Ice cream meltdown.

Hot apple pie and ice cream – my favourite desert. Just pop the pie in the over for 10 minutes if its small, and 20 minutes if its a big one.

BUT! If the ice cream is a bit to hard to scope out of its container, don’t be stupid enough to put it in the hot oven after the apple pie’s, even if it has been turned off for a bit. Ice cream is meant to be kept cold, and apparently so are the plastic containers…

In short: Ice cream containers will MELT even if slightly heated! (Note: it may look cool the way the box folds in on itself, but you just try getting the lid back on…Oh, and I expect melted plastic is poisonous in some way too…)


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So why turkey then? Why is it the bird of choice for Christmas dinner?

Its now 21:00 Christmas Day, and we’ve just started on the turkey sandwiches after having turkey dinner too, that’s an awful lot of turkey for anyone. So am I complaining… yes, but mostly because I enjoy complaining, but lets wait a minute and spare a moment for those poor turkeys.

They spend all year thinking life is good, being fed lots of food and not a care in the world, and then suddenly the tinsel goes up and the axe comes down, Merry Christmas. So, perhaps one day next year you’ll give the turkey’s a break… and have chicken instead!

Enjoy those turkey sandwiches!

And if your still interested in Turkey at Christmas have a look at these web sites:

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Tip's of the day.

As this is suppose to be an academy of life I am going to try to produce helpful tips to make your life easier than mine. Sometimes they may be silly, sometimes they may be useful, but in the end, hopefully they will be entertaining.

All the tip’s of the day posts will start with “totd” in the title.


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