Galaxy Zoo Two

It’s back, and better than ever before. Now you can help classify galaxies in even more detail, but still with the excitement of exploring the cosmos and helping expend human knowledge further.

Take part here.

But to see some great evidence of why it’s helpful to take part see this page. It shows galaxies never before seen and certainly not categorised neatly divided up into lots of categories. The “anything odd” section has some really interesting objects in. More info from the Galaxy zoo blog here.

See also: Human computing power. (2008-10-20), Intergalatic Explorer. (2007-07-13)

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Lets Rock!

Nice cool game here:

Iff you like guitar hero you’ll love this. Just select “Mode 2: Funner”, pick up your keyboard and ROCK! (Just try not to break it; not recommended for laptops…)

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My current favourite

Here’s what game I’m currently wasting time playing. Check it out:

#Flag: Game, “Wasting time”

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Think about the sheep….

Some really great puzzle games here.

I’d recommend The Dark Room to begin with:

Thanks to Sharon for sending me the link.

Have to go and waste more time in the “Dark Complex” now!

#Flag: game, link, fun, puzzle

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Maze of Rah

This is a cool little game I’ve come across. The idea is the mummy walks along and kicks the last part of the pyramid into place. The puzzle is, he can only follow a certain route and the route changes as he walks over it.® – Fun and Games!

Be warned, there’s 100 levels…

Edit: you can’t link straight to the game so have a look at the maze sections.

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