Petitions and light pollution.

The UK goverment now lets people create online petitions which amongst others, the prime minister will see. Not a bad idea.

If you want to have a look click here:

Also note that these few petitions are for solutions to the problem of light pollution, something which I get quite annoyed about, so please go ahead and support these ideas, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to.

Some people don’t even realise that there should be 1000’s of stars visible in the night sky, a view which makes us far to inward looking. Also, less light pollution equals less electricity used, so less greenhouses gases released as well as less pollution. It’s a no lose decision!

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Well, I’ve been slacking again, no post for several weeks.

Apparently July has been the hottest month ever (since records began anyway), and I mean the hottest of any month, not just the July ones… I really should get around to finishing my Green website… but SO busy…

Work is also offering some new challenges, I’m currently working on Flash, I’m supposed to be creating a installer menu thing, but actually I’m just playing with it – I’ve never used it before!

OU work is also catching up on me, I’m supposed to finish reading a 300 page assignment book by end of August… which now seems pretty impossible… still, I’m sure I’ll be able to blag it! :0)

Also, around bank holiday in August I’m going camping and surfing – really looking forward to the surfing… not so sure about the camping… I’m going here.

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Lights go out…

Reduction in light and power in Essex. Cool, lets hope this goes Nation wide. Be nice to see the skies black again instead of the usual orange we are all used to nowadays.
Check out the story here:

Full marks to Essex Council!

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