Return journey

It’s now time for me to return back to my flat, at least for a couple of days. Got a lot of stuff to take back, mostly home and kitchen stuff. My last buy was a mop and bucket – Yes, it’s the high life for me! Oh, and its been snowing and its probably icy, so if I don’t make it back in the car – “It’s been fun, and I’ll catch you later. Probably.”

There’s still a few days of the Christmas holidays left, so I’ll be able to do some cleaning of my new place, and some furniture shopping while the sales are on. Think my next buy will be a sofa.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got internet access at home yet, in fact I haven’t even got a phone line at ny new place yet. I have a look around and I think there’s only two company’s that can give me a phone line, either NTL ot BT. I’ve also been looking into getting broadband and it looks like most providers need you to have a BT line in, if anyone can make a recommendation in this area, I would be most welcome, I live in Oxfordshire. I’ll keep you up to date on what I decide, although that might be hard not having internet access… :o)

#Flag: Flat, broadband.