I on board

A new rocket engine has been created – more efficient then any other engine. Its called the DS4G Ion thruster and its created by an Australian team for the ESA.

Once it gets scaled up it could even push people all the way to Mars! Now, that’s a trip I would love to take.

Have a look at the engine here and you can find out how they work here, but if you’d rather not look at this, basically an Ion drive works by pushing ions out of one end of a space craft to force the space craft to move in the opposite direction. Simple…

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Gives us more nothing!

Good news yesterday in the Independent newspaper and also available online.

The UK goverment is going to make light pollution a criminal offence. Good news for everyone who has ever looked up in the night and wondered where all the billions of stars have gone.

I also discovered a goverment sponsered review on light pollution, here, that say’s if some simple measures were put in to operation then within 20 years we could once again see the rest of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Lets hope by 2020 we will all be seeing the stars with 20/20 vision.

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