July 2007 is HP Month

Just released news from J. K. Rowlings website is that the next, but final :0( book is due for release on the 21st of July, just a couple of weeks after the next Movie comes out.

Think I’ll be taking a couple of weeks off then to read through all the books at a nice gentle pace, it’ll have to be this long because unfortunately I’ll have to eat, drink and sleep as well. (Darn it all!)

3 Replies to “July 2007 is HP Month”

  1. The trouble with going away on holiday to read the books, is that you’d have to go on holiday AFTER the last book was released as I doubt they’d have any copies in Barbados…

    Also, you don’t want to leave it to long as you can guarantee someone will spoil the plot for you…

  2. well I was thinking of going after the book came out.
    A far away island where no one in the UK can spoil the plot for you.

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