A memorial to FireFly Serenity

In a recent magazine poll on what is the best science fiction film of all time there was a big shock.
Star Wars was knocked off the top spot and the film Serenity was crowned “greatest”.

To be honest, I suspected it was a group of fans who got together to push it to the top, but I still really wanted to see what it was like. I was thinking about seeing the film when it was on at the cinema but the trailer made me think it wasn’t worth seeing it (neither did it give any idea of what the film was about) this was a great shame.

I went out to hire it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I would have to say I didn’t think it was the “Greatest” by a long way and my suspicious, I thought, were correct… BUT…

After talking to a friend at work, he told me he had the original series that the film continued from, but which had been cancelled after only 11 episodes. it was called FireFly. He graciously let me borrow them and I was curious to see the story unfold.

I’m glad I did because they were brilliant! I was very surprised, but I really thought they were great. I can now, with a hundred percent certainty, say that the people who voted for Serenity did because THEY DO think its the greatest – they were just talking about the film AND the series.

I’m hoping it all comes back… but until then, I’ll have to be buying my own DVD Collection! (And on a side note to this, Amazon have said that after this poll came out, serenity / firefly suddenly shot towards the top seller marks! http://www.sfx.co.uk/page/sfx?entry=sfx_poll_result_sends_serenity)

More info here:
Buy it:

FireFly – May you once again rise from the fire.

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