What Star Trek species are we?

Star Trek, a TV show that began in the 1960’s, is one of the most popular TV shows ever. Last years big box office movie release showed that it is still a show that many people want to watch and I believe this is because, at its heart, it has always shown a positive future for humanity. It’s a world – no, a galaxy –  in where humans explore the cosmos for no more reason than to see what’s there, there is no financial gain involved, indeed money no longer has any meaning. People work for the good of others towards a common goal. And, of course, they have interesting, exciting, important and ultimately entertaining voyages from one star system to the next.

During these space travels we often meet other species of the Star Trek universe and I’ve often been curious about the way they’ve been written. It seems that some part of the human psyche is chosen as the basis for that species. So for example, for Klingons it’s anger and for vulcans its logic. Of course if this was all there was it would not make for interesting stories so usually a species will be developed over time producing a more rounded character profile. This led me to an interesting question:

Out of all the different species in the Star Trek universe – including humans – which of the species is the one that mankind is currently most like?

So first, Humans. They are usually kind, generous, brave, always work towards what they believe is right and usually put there own life after the life of others. They do all this without any financial incentive and basically live together in perfect harmony. Obviously, this isn’t any species (however regrettable) that I recognise. I’d like to think there are many selfless soles in the world, indeed I do believe there are some, but as a species it isn’t something that seems to come naturally. 4/10

Next, Klingons. A race that first seems full of blood thirsty people who live for only battle. But it is in fact honour which they stand by, and proving their worth to their comrades. They are not frightened by death but revere those who have fought and lost the lives in battle, the only thing they fear is being branding dishonourable. And when they go to war they do so to test themselves, not for gain nor profit. I am sure we are not a species that enjoys war, and would prefer to live in peace avoiding battle as much as possible, and yet right now, somewhere in this world, we are at war and in past years have always been at war at one place or another –  it seems that there is always something we need to take from others. 5/10

Vulcans. Those who use pure logic and suppress all emotions. They have managed to control their great anger and live a life dedicated to the pursuit of pure logical thinking. We seem to be the least like the Vulcans, we always have out emotions right at the surface and it is our ability to think non-logically that means we can make great leaps in reasoning that would otherwise be impossible. 3/10

Now, Cardassians. A arrogant race always suspicious of others. They always seem to be hiding something from someone, never trusting anyone and sometimes not even their own friends and family. To some degree this certainly rings bells. We are often suspicious of other countries, other cultures and many people are under the delusion that they are somehow better than others. However, I think by default we are generally a trusting people, and this is probably way it is generally easy for us to be manipulated into being suspicious of others. Still, the cardassian seem a little to close for comfort. 6/10

The Bajorans. A religious, peaceful people who believe their lives follow a pre-destined route set by the Gods. There are many religous people in our world each with there own views, therefore must be many with similar persuasions. However, unlike the Bajorans, when faced with ever more scientific discoveries religion seems to be fading to ever smaller minorities. 5/10

And finally, the Ferengi. A race that lives for to make profit, and by any means. Becoming richer is the aim in life for every Ferengi, at least the male ones, females take no part nor do they wear any clothes. Well, I think the sexes are much more equal than this, but the really question is are we motivated by profit? And, unfortunately, I think that’s a big resounding Yes. Money, profits and becoming rich seem to be the goals of many, certainly the goals of nations, and we often do this even at the cost of our own species. This is rather depressing, but it seems like we are more like the Ferengi than any others, all we need now is those outrageously large ears…  7/10

Star Trek Species Human like
Ferengi 8/10
Cardassians 6/10
Bajoran 5/10
Klingon 5/10
Human 4/10
Vulcan 3/10

So, in summary, we are least like the Vulcans and even the Humans but most like the greedy profiteering Ferengi and suspicious Cardassians. Still, in terms of becoming “more human” we still have about 500 years to catch up with the TV show…

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