Yes to AV

Today’s the day we find out of Britain is the sensible country it believes it to be, or one controlled by unbelievable scare stories. Yes, it’s a referendum, this one about the “Alternative Vote” voting (AV) over the “First past the Post” voting (FPTP).

I’ll be voting yes for AV today because whatever way you look at it, it is Better than the current system. It’s not about which party wants AV or which person doesn’t want FPTP it’s about making the voting system in this country fairer, avoiding wasted votes and voting for the people you want.

Here’s a video that I think explains it in a fair and easy to understand way (“It’s common sense”):

It’s up to you how you vote – but I just want you to understand why this is a better system – if you still don’t agree after knowing the facts then that’s OK, but please watch it!

Here’s another explanation with cats:

Problems with First past the post:

And an explanation of who the alternative vote works:


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