Keep Calm and Carry on Coding

I’ve had a change of name, well the blog has. It is based on the poster which displays the text “Keep calm and Carry On”, this was originally created back in 1939 by the British Government and was intended to raise the morale of the British public in the event of invasion (see wikipedia) in the World War II. The new title is “Keep Calm and Carry On Coding”, it grew from a conversation about these posters one geek filled lunch time. Here’s a little hacked version of the poster based on one from wikimedia (here):

Keep Calm and Carry On Coding Poster

I decided to drop the original title (“Live.Hack.Learn.Blog”) as, while I still like it, the “hack” part has different, and most likely incorrect, meanings to different people. To me it’s always meant “play around with something to see what it does and what it could be made to do”, but the meaning is often associated with gaining illegal access to a computer system – which, as you can imagine, is not the impression I’d like to give (!).

Feel free to use the image if you’d like. A link back to the blog would be great.

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