Stardust success?

The Stardust project, four years since the probe landed (or more accurately since the probe crashed slowly), the Stardust@home project has, no, might have, actually found some interstellar material – ancient material older than the Solar System.

I say maybe as it’s not been confirmed yet. Of course, it’s also possible it’s a publicity stunt to get interest back in the old project…

I joined the project back just before I first blogged about it back in Jan 2006, still I hope it is genuine, and maybe I’ll dig out my old login details too!

Find the stuff star's are made of..

The stardust nasa mission has just returned to Earth after seven years in space and being bombarded by a comet. Its has on board material stolen from that comet, and should help to understand the origins of our solar system.

It was a successfully touchdown, the parachute opened and as far as is known, the material is on board waiting to be analyzed…

…and the good news is you can help to find it! Berkeley university has created a program that acts like a virtual microscope. You’ll be able to zoom in on the material to try to work out if its actually material that has come from the stars! But first you’ve got to pass a test! The website is here and you can register for the test by giving your email here – I’ve already signed up of course – Good luck!

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