totd: Ice cream meltdown.

Hot apple pie and ice cream – my favourite desert. Just pop the pie in the over for 10 minutes if its small, and 20 minutes if its a big one.

BUT! If the ice cream is a bit to hard to scope out of its container, don’t be stupid enough to put it in the hot oven after the apple pie’s, even if it has been turned off for a bit. Ice cream is meant to be kept cold, and apparently so are the plastic containers…

In short: Ice cream containers will MELT even if slightly heated! (Note: it may look cool the way the box folds in on itself, but you just try getting the lid back on…Oh, and I expect melted plastic is poisonous in some way too…)


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Pee nine hundred blogs

So while I’ve been unable to get on the internet I’ve been using my phone to keep track of the things I’ve wanted to put up on this blog. My phone is really great for this. Its a Sony Ericsson P900 and its got handwriting recognition on it which makes it really quick to jot things down. (It also has a full internet browser on it so technically I could just access this website from anywhere!)

I’m not sure I could recommend it to anyone though, as it has a few glitches, sometimes it can even crash, and as phone’s go, that’s bad thing – what if I want to make an emergency call? However, it is very useful when it comes to making notes. I have a collection of things on it, like lists of movies I’d like to see or books I’d like to read. I have even started writing a story on it, which it is ideal for – you never know when your going to get inspiration.

The phone is now actually pretty old (for a mobile phone) and it has already been replaced several times. The current model is the P990i, and it looks a lot like a PDA to me – which is actually what they all are, and is probably the reason I bought it!

My current thinking on phones however has changed, and I think my next phone will have emphasis on its camera – this is why I’ve been wanting the Nokia N90 for a while now. It has a really great camera which will also record high resolution movies. And it looked like a really responsive, shinny phone when I had a play with it in a Nokia shop. If I ever save up the money for it, I’ll put up a review.

Must eat now.

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2005 + 1

And before I forget:

Happy new year

Hope all your dreams come true,
from Akademy

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Work post.

Well, finally got access to the Internet again, at work anyway. Dam, I miss it when I can’t use it.

Took first step in getting Broadband at home though, I got a BT phone line in, well actually I’ve had to wait four days for them to connect me, apparently it takes a lot of time to “Flick a switch”… The BT Line is costing me £10.50 a month and that’s the cheapest I could pay and remember that’s without paying for a broadband account.

I’ve just been looking at the broadband provider PlusNet – they seem to be comparatively cheap and highly recommended on ADSL Guide – so if no-one else has any suggestions I think I’ll go with them.

Back to work now.

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Return journey

It’s now time for me to return back to my flat, at least for a couple of days. Got a lot of stuff to take back, mostly home and kitchen stuff. My last buy was a mop and bucket – Yes, it’s the high life for me! Oh, and its been snowing and its probably icy, so if I don’t make it back in the car – “It’s been fun, and I’ll catch you later. Probably.”

There’s still a few days of the Christmas holidays left, so I’ll be able to do some cleaning of my new place, and some furniture shopping while the sales are on. Think my next buy will be a sofa.

Unfortunately, I haven’t got internet access at home yet, in fact I haven’t even got a phone line at ny new place yet. I have a look around and I think there’s only two company’s that can give me a phone line, either NTL ot BT. I’ve also been looking into getting broadband and it looks like most providers need you to have a BT line in, if anyone can make a recommendation in this area, I would be most welcome, I live in Oxfordshire. I’ll keep you up to date on what I decide, although that might be hard not having internet access… :o)

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totd: Christmas shop after Christmas

When’s the best time to shop for new Christmas stuff? And I’m talking about new decorations, new christmas lights, wrapping paper, christmas cards and all that stuff…

The end of December of course. All the shops are getting rid of all their Christmas stuff so you can get loads cheap. I just bought some new Christmas lights, that were a quater of the orignal ones.

And if you buy them now you can put them away with all the other Christmas stuff you’ll be putting away soon anyway!

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totd: Girlfriends and blogs

I made the mistake of telling my girlfriend I had a blog today and now she wants to know where it is, but I don’t really want her to read it (or in fact anyone I know to read it). But she’s upset that I won’t tell her.

So, if you don’t want people to read your blog – Then NEVER mention it to ANYONE! Its just easier for everyone then…

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Boxing day.

Its technically not boxing day any more, but I’m going to pretend it is.

Today I made a valiant attempt to get everything I own in to some kind of order, so I can then take everything down to my new flat. So far I’ve cleared a meter space of the floor of my bedroom… Unfortunately, I put it all over my bed and now I want to get some sleep so the only choice I have is to put it all back on the floor! I’ll start again tomorrow…

Also went shopping today, first day of sales. And I was out in my old local town centre, Alfreton. There was only about five shops open which probably explains why it wasn’t very busy. However, we still managed to spend quite a bit of money. I went with my Mum and Dad as they said they’d like to buy me some stuff for my new flat. (My mum said “Its not every day we get rid of our son…”, Nice!)

I bought (or rather my mum and dad did) a lot of cool stuff. Mostly for the kitchen – bread bin, kitchen towel holder, that kind of stuff, mostly all chrome looking, except bread bin which is made of wood – also got some bits and pieces I’d need for the Open University courses I am taking this year – just some note pads and printer paper – looking forward to the courses but also a bit apprehensive about the time it might take…

Anyway, getting far to far into tomorrow so better start clearing the stuff off my bed.

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So why turkey then? Why is it the bird of choice for Christmas dinner?

Its now 21:00 Christmas Day, and we’ve just started on the turkey sandwiches after having turkey dinner too, that’s an awful lot of turkey for anyone. So am I complaining… yes, but mostly because I enjoy complaining, but lets wait a minute and spare a moment for those poor turkeys.

They spend all year thinking life is good, being fed lots of food and not a care in the world, and then suddenly the tinsel goes up and the axe comes down, Merry Christmas. So, perhaps one day next year you’ll give the turkey’s a break… and have chicken instead!

Enjoy those turkey sandwiches!

And if your still interested in Turkey at Christmas have a look at these web sites:

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Christmas evening.

Christmas is almost over, the presents have been opened, the crackers have been pulled and the turkey has been eaten. It will soon be the end of christmas 2005 and actually, I’ve enjoyed it all.

But actually I always enjoy Christmas. I like getting gifts and I like giving gifts, I like eating too much and sleeping too little, I like seeing all the relatives and hearing all the gossip, I like watching to much tele and doing to little exercise and just like Christmas!

My gifts:

  • George Forman Grilling machine – I’ll tell you how good this is once I get it connected up.
  • Cook book with apron and timer – Recipes for four people.
  • Lots of chocolate – (Terry’s Orange, Cadbury Roses, Nestle Quality Streets, Smarties)
  • Bassetts Liquorice allsorts – Unfortunately, I don’t like these, so my Dad got an extra present!
  • A Simpsons Shower radio – I do like singing in the shower!
  • A pen – It flashes different colours!

And now there is only 364 days until Christmas day – still theres lots more to do before then!

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