Is this flight tax? It's certainly not fair tax.

Usually, I support taxes, at least in principle or until something better comes along. But this story (below) REALLY gets me going…

You win a prize, an amazing astonishing superb prize of flying into space, of becoming an astronaunt. But then it hits you, that’s got to be expensive for someone… but wait, that means…

Un – believe – able.

But on much better news, A new competition has just opened up and this one’s in England, so, as far as I know, shouldn’t have the hidden costs attached…

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Moving home to the same address.

Just moved house! Well, actually I’ve just moved webpages, but for some reason I think thats almost as exciting…

I am definately in a much better position than I was before. I had my website hosted my my broadband provider which meant if I wanted to move (or had to move) providers I would have to set all my website and emails up again – as it happened my new (real) house can’t get BT as it has NTL so I’ve had to move it.

After a quick looking around I decided to go with . They have some really good features, everything I want, and they seem pretty cheap too. I only bought it yesterday and told my current (PlusNet) providers I didn’t want to host it with them. By this morning FTP, email and website were all there waiting for me.

I’ll do future updates on how streamline handle it from now on.

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My Birthday

Got some presents posted to me… but none of them arrived yet. (They will arrive next week though when I’m on holiday – Edit 26/09/06) Did get some cards though.

Sharon bought me loads of presents so thanks. A new large plant for my front room, a load of DVD’s and A rocket clock that changes colour depending on the hour.
(Also got some more DVD’s (From Ma and Pa, two Tshirts (From Sis and Bro), two planes so I could have my own “Air Race” (after the disaster on Saturday) and a flying lesson (also from Mum and Dad) – Edit 26/09/06)

Then Sharon took me out for Dinner at the “Linton Lodge Hotel” in Oxford – I wanted to try this place as I’d been informed that they had a wide range of food’s like Crocodile, Kangaroo and Ostrich. (Oh, and Belgain waffles (uuuummmm) ) Sadly they didn’t have Crocodile that day (or belgain waffles ) but Sharon tried the Ostrich which tasted quite nice. It was a nice evening out. So thanks Sharon.


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Respects to Steve Irwin

Sad news today. Steve Irwin died yesterday while filming another of his “Worlds deadliest” series.

I, as I expect most people, have only seen and known him on TV but I have a lot of respect for him. You could always tell he enjoyed working with the animals and firmly believed in Conservation of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Although its hard to tell what people are really like on TV he came across as a genuine person working hard for something he believed in. I, for one, will miss his unique shows and his pure enthusiasm.

I just want to add my condolences to his family and friends. The World would be a better place with more like him, it seems a little less friendly now he’s gone.

Rest in Peace.

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Early birthday present.

Today Sharon bought me a new plant for my Flat as an early birthday present. We went to have a look around “Millets Farm”.

Thanks Sharon!

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You took the slow road to get here…

Someone somewhere is messing with our Internet…

First ask yourself this: Whats wrong with the Internet? Personally, I don’t think there’s any problem, but some companies (like AT&T, Verizon, Comcas) want make it legal for websites to slowdown other websites – probably your website unless you want to pay a fortune – and prioritise the bandwidth that you’ve payed for to channel their pages.


Lets put a stop to this madness before it all goes to far. These websites will give you more information on how you can help fight this, and just what is happening out there: SaveTheInternet or It’sOurInternet

The Internet needs YOU! (Imagine old American guy pointing his finger at you). That’s YOU!

#flag: “Net Neutrality”, “Save the internet”, links

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I'm an Uncle….

What the?

I didn’t think I was that old, but now I’m beginning to feel I’m passed it. Just today I fell like I’ve aged about 20 years….

Yep, my sister has just had a baby – which makes me officially an Uncle, I don’t rmember ever agreeing to this – actually I don’t even remember being consulted – but its happened and now I’ve got responsibilities: I’ll have to start buying toys… for my nephew… though obviously I’ll have to check whether they are OK first…

His name is Filbert and his Mum and Dad are called Raquel and Anthony.


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Girlfriends better.


She’s back to her old wonderful self… but more importantly I didn’t get what she had!

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To Sharon

To my poor girlfriend

Get better soon….

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Fat man shrinking across America.

This is a really nice story of a man losing his way in life and trying to lose some weight.

This is the link:

He’s walking the 5000 miles across America to find himself and lose some weight in the process. Mostly following Route 66 and there’s also lots of photo’s too.

Quite inspirational… I think I could do with a little weight loss… Time for a walk me thinks.


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