So I’ve made the plunge then and I’ve signed up for broadband with PlusNet. It was pretty cheap compared to some others, and it doesn’t have any download limits on. Also they were higly rated on ADSLGuide, a website I’d highly recommend if your looking to change or install your broadband.

Unfortunately, I made a mistake when I signed up and gave them my wrong delivery address so I had to ring up to change it. I called them on the phone and my first experience with them was a recorded voice on the line saying “Call waiting time’s are in excess of 15 minutes”, Great! Still, the good news is that it lied and I was only waiting about 5 minutes, which was good – although it was obvious they were busy at the time because they guy was speaking so fast I could hardly understand him!

It’s still going to take at least a week for it to be all set up, but when it is I’m sure I’ll be making regular reports of how good they are doing.

Now time for home. (I’m blogging from work!) Later.

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