End of the Month review

OK, so the end was actually about two weeks ago, but I’ve been a little worst for wear later, and I’ve just not had the time to keep it up to date.

I went to the doctors to see what it was but unfortunately they didn’t know and thought it was probably nothing, possibly even just my imagination… which I guess was better than being on death’s door although it does open the possiblity that I’m completly nuts… Cool!

I think the possibility that I might be ill, was actually making me ill. And that got my depressed that made me ill…. etc, etc, etc… Oh well enough about that.

So februray wasn’t a great month, but it had its moments.

Going to Chesterfield for a friends birthday party was good fun back up north where I used to live. Sharon and I stayed in a nice four star hotel which we had got for half price. “The Chesterfield” it was called and it was pretty good. We had a corner room, which was fairly small actually, but adequate for what we needed.

Can’t think of anything else for this month, but I think it was mostly all good.

#flag: February, Chesterfield, Sharon, illness

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