So I’ve got a new job!

Well actually I’ve got the job I’ve been doing for the last six months but still – at least its official now. And I got a bit of a payrise to, which is nothing bad.

I had to do a couple of graduate tests first – they test your english then you Maths skills – then I had to take a two hour interview which included a 15 minute presentation about a project I had done. (They give you 30 minutes before hand to get something ready – thats just about a enough time to write a few notes and scribble a few words on a flipchart…) But actually I think it went pretty well – well they employed me in the end so I guess I couldn’t have been that bad!

The one thing that does worry me though is the time some of the people have been there. 10, 15, 20 years… do I really want to be in the same thing for that long… I’ll just have to watch out!

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