My Birthday

Got some presents posted to me… but none of them arrived yet. (They will arrive next week though when I’m on holiday – Edit 26/09/06) Did get some cards though.

Sharon bought me loads of presents so thanks. A new large plant for my front room, a load of DVD’s and A rocket clock that changes colour depending on the hour.
(Also got some more DVD’s (From Ma and Pa, two Tshirts (From Sis and Bro), two planes so I could have my own “Air Race” (after the disaster on Saturday) and a flying lesson (also from Mum and Dad) – Edit 26/09/06)

Then Sharon took me out for Dinner at the “Linton Lodge Hotel” in Oxford – I wanted to try this place as I’d been informed that they had a wide range of food’s like Crocodile, Kangaroo and Ostrich. (Oh, and Belgain waffles (uuuummmm) ) Sadly they didn’t have Crocodile that day (or belgain waffles ) but Sharon tried the Ostrich which tasted quite nice. It was a nice evening out. So thanks Sharon.


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