Coding fonts

Is it time to change your coding font?

A font created especially for coding sounds like a strange idea, but there are several things you can include in a font that can make coding an easier experience. For instance, most common fonts show the 0 (“zero”) and the O (“oh”) characters in an almost identical way, with a specific font these can be clearly identified.

There are others too, seemingly tiny changes but with big payoffs

  • Telling other charaters apart like “{“, “[” and “(“
  • Highlighting key characters like “{” or “;”
  • Changing the typical space size so more text can be displayed along a line.

Here’s a couple of examples you can download:

Then there’s enhanced colours and font styles. Another from the website above is a rather nice colour scheme, very pleasing to the eye, even relaxing in a way:

This is an example of what beauty you can achieve:
Let me know if you have any more examples or know other ways to improve your coding.

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  1. Akademy

    I’ve been using this theme for about nine months now, and I’ve found it to be a really useful tool when coding.It’s been ported to all my applications now. And I’m sure that’s reduced eye strain considerably.For reference the background colour is (RGB) #E3D5C1

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