1. Have you considered moving to github? SVN is so last century πŸ˜›

    My team moved this month and found it an enormous improvement, both on social and technological fronts.


    • Actually, I do have a few projects on Github already – and it does seem a little slicker than SourceForge, though still hosting in the US I believe.

      Only used Git on small projects though, still like the simplicity of SVN for large projects (and the versioning of course).

  2. Greg Roach

    The link at the end of the article is wrong. “webtree” should be “webtrees”.

    Greg (aka fisharebest – the owner/creator of the webtrees project).

    Glad you like it the sofware. There have been a couple of new releases since you installed. We’re now on 1.1.1, with 1.1.2 expected within the month.

    • Cheers Greg, good spot. (And great work on webtrees!)

      And thanks for the headsup on the new version, glad to see it’s being frequently updated… now if you could just provide an auto update mechanism… ;0)

  3. Andrew

    I think webtree could use more programmers. I found it straightforward to install, but seems to be buggy and lacking support. As a newbie, I installed it without incident, however quickly struck a problem. That being that two wives with offspring resulted in only one wife being displayed when logged in. Despite providing database table data and GEDCOM data, the issue persists and no bug report has been raised by the developers.

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