End of the Month review

OK, so the end was actually about two weeks ago, but I’ve been a little worst for wear later, and I’ve just not had the time to keep it up to date.

I went to the doctors to see what it was but unfortunately they didn’t know and thought it was probably nothing, possibly even just my imagination… which I guess was better than being on death’s door although it does open the possiblity that I’m completly nuts… Cool!

I think the possibility that I might be ill, was actually making me ill. And that got my depressed that made me ill…. etc, etc, etc… Oh well enough about that.

So februray wasn’t a great month, but it had its moments.

Going to Chesterfield for a friends birthday party was good fun back up north where I used to live. Sharon and I stayed in a nice four star hotel which we had got for half price. “The Chesterfield” it was called and it was pretty good. We had a corner room, which was fairly small actually, but adequate for what we needed.

Can’t think of anything else for this month, but I think it was mostly all good.

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The Feast of Lupercalia.

So today is the day after what is usually a pretty miserable day for me. Usually, I’m all on my lonesome at home… (sob, sob…) but this year was different, this year I decided to go out and be lonesome somewhere else. Just kidding, this year of course, I had my girlfriend, Sharon, over.

I even got presents! No less than several acres of martian land! Cool. Some rather fetching boxer shorts, and a new computer game “Metroid Prime 2” for my GameCube. (I’d tell you what I bought her, but she’d only get embarrassed when I mention how extremely revealing the skimpy underwear was….)

Still, there’s always a down side to Valentines day, and this years’ was I let Sharon pick a DVD to watch… “A perfect catch” – , a romantic comedy, quite a recent release, about a girl who meets a bloke, and he turns out to be “mad” about baseballs’ “Red Sox”. In my opinion, the madness didn’t go far enough, I don’t remember laughing at all. The whole film seemed to go nowhere, incredibly slowly… (Of course, there was one redeeming feature)

Now, I bet your wondering what Lupercalia is… Well its all to do with the beginnings of Valentines day, back around 2300 years ago… back Romans, shepards and wolves. This website has some nice information, if a rather sickening background (pink, with hearts on…, girls….), and so does this one.

In closing, I’d just like to sing a little valetines song, and bring back a long forgotten tradition from England: (see website above)

Good morning to you, valentine;
Curl your locks as I do mine—
Two before and three behind.
Good morning to you, valentine.

Doesn’t that just put a cheer in your heart.

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End of the Month review

Wow, the month really goes quickly, seems like an eternity since the 1st of January. Lots of things have happened to me this month, but the main one is the awfully large amount of money I’ve spent – or at least will spend as soon as my furniture arrives (which is unfortunately still over a month away – this means another month sitting on the most uncomfortable futon…)

Of course, this was also the month I got rejected zero percent finance – I’m yet to find out why.

Also the month I got my broadband connection in. I’ve been working on my new website for a couple of weeks but haven’t got anything I’d want to share yet.

And we’ve started a new project at work – the current one everyone been working on (I”ve been on it for only a couple of months) is finally finished, but its amazingly two years late and has cost 2.5 times as much as was budgeted (I think around half a million!)

Overall, it’s been a good month but looking back I don’t appear to have had much play… That’s my target for next month: Less work, more play!

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Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

Thought I’d say a quick Happy Birthday to one of the worlds lost geniuses.

Happy 250’th Birthday Mozart
Though I don’t think he’ll read this…

Find some of his music here, and just so you know, Mozart’s full name is: “Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart” though he seems to have changed it a lot!

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2005 + 1 (*2)

Yes, its happened again, and only less than a month later…

Happy new (Chinese) year!
Apparently – its the dogs!

Some interesting stuff about the Chinese new year here. It explains when the Chinese new year starts and how the Chinese have a leap month!

And if you’re wondering why “dog”, see here.

#pic: http://www.chinapage.com/

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In response to the girlfriend's blog…

I think you’ll find it was YOUR idea to go shopping on Saturday – I specifically said I don’t want to just go shopping.

If you didn’t have such a bizarre fetish for Kentucky fried chicken I doubt we would even have gone into Oxford at the weekend…

But as luck would have it… I did buy a rather nice book

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2005 + 1

And before I forget:

Happy new year

Hope all your dreams come true,
from Akademy

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Christmas evening.

Christmas is almost over, the presents have been opened, the crackers have been pulled and the turkey has been eaten. It will soon be the end of christmas 2005 and actually, I’ve enjoyed it all.

But actually I always enjoy Christmas. I like getting gifts and I like giving gifts, I like eating too much and sleeping too little, I like seeing all the relatives and hearing all the gossip, I like watching to much tele and doing to little exercise and just like Christmas!

My gifts:

  • George Forman Grilling machine – I’ll tell you how good this is once I get it connected up.
  • Cook book with apron and timer – Recipes for four people.
  • Lots of chocolate – (Terry’s Orange, Cadbury Roses, Nestle Quality Streets, Smarties)
  • Bassetts Liquorice allsorts – Unfortunately, I don’t like these, so my Dad got an extra present!
  • A Simpsons Shower radio – I do like singing in the shower!
  • A pen – It flashes different colours!

And now there is only 364 days until Christmas day – still theres lots more to do before then!

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Christmas day

Just realised, while I’ve been adding some posts the times ticked on and its now tomorrow…


Merry Christmas!

Hope its a good one.

Warmest wishes from Akademy.

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Christmas eve.

Its now quite late on Christmas Eve, Santa will be dropping in within the next hour so I must at least pretend to be asleep when he gets here. Better put the laptop away, its such a give away…

Just set out some milk and cookies and all will be ready. Enjoy Santa!

Good night all. See you Christmas day.

#Pic: www.pressofatlanticcity.com
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