Christmas evening.

Christmas is almost over, the presents have been opened, the crackers have been pulled and the turkey has been eaten. It will soon be the end of christmas 2005 and actually, I’ve enjoyed it all.

But actually I always enjoy Christmas. I like getting gifts and I like giving gifts, I like eating too much and sleeping too little, I like seeing all the relatives and hearing all the gossip, I like watching to much tele and doing to little exercise and just like Christmas!

My gifts:

  • George Forman Grilling machine – I’ll tell you how good this is once I get it connected up.
  • Cook book with apron and timer – Recipes for four people.
  • Lots of chocolate – (Terry’s Orange, Cadbury Roses, Nestle Quality Streets, Smarties)
  • Bassetts Liquorice allsorts – Unfortunately, I don’t like these, so my Dad got an extra present!
  • A Simpsons Shower radio – I do like singing in the shower!
  • A pen – It flashes different colours!

And now there is only 364 days until Christmas day – still theres lots more to do before then!

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