Robbie Williams at "Wembly"

Sharon and I went to see Robbie Williams at Milton Keynes bowl (should have been at wembly…) as Sharon is a big fan of his.

Was a long day, got up early to get a good place and queed for several hours, then it started to rain but it was still enjoyable. Three hours later we got into the place and found a nice place looking over the stage – A good view, and some space to stretch out… then for the next 5 hours we watched as more an more people squeezed and our room dwindle down as more and more (bloody) people try and fit it to a space they DO NOT deserve. Coming in with only an hour left and sitting right in front of us. That makes me SOOOOOOOOOO angry.


There was also another band warming up (name I’ve forgot) and Basement Jaxx which I thought was really good. Then Robbie came out and the lights went up.

Even though I’ve never been a big fan (although I listen to most of his stuff) I thought the show was really well put together. Robbie was quite the entertainer! Lights and explosions and fire, and some songs the 150’000 people were singing a long to.

Anyway, I thought it was good, so thanks for the memories Robbie and thanks Sharon for taking me.

All was left to do now was try to get out of the car park… (I’m not driving again…!)

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