Robin hood, Robin hood, out amongst the trees

Sharon and I with a group of seven others went out in to the park at night to watch the legendary tale of Robin hood played out before us by the people at Creation theatre

The open air show was perfectly placed in the centre of Hedington Park in Oxford. Seating half ringed a 200 year old great oak with a backdrop of the woods and park just behind.

Then Robin Hood arrived from his battles in the Middle East and arrows began to fly hither and there. John Little fights with staffs and Maid Marion shows off her sword play. And not forgetting Fryer Tuck, Will Scarlett and Robin of Lockslys servant.

The Sheriff of Nottingham plots Robin’s downfall, tricking him into taken part in a great archery competition but his merry men fight to the last to try free him .

Meanwhile Witches and wizards of the forest battle it out for ultimate power.

Until the final show down when Robin must stop the power crazed megolomaniacs from taking over. Can he do it?

I can honestly say I really enjoyed it, it was funny, and exciting, witty but sad, well written, and well acted. I recommend going to see something like this as its a great experience – unfortunately this play has now finished, but a new one starts in November, “Arabian Nights”. I for one will be trying to catch it.

Another review here.

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