Harry Potter Day approaches

My google gadget on the side of my desktop tells me I’ve only 59 Days, 11 hours, 1 minute and 8secs… 7 secs… 6 secs… until the release of the new, but last, book.

Two months left and I’ve just reserved my copy. I’ve ordered it from Borders and I’ll be picking it up from there. (I decided to be nice to the post man this time!) Not decided what time I’ll be picking it up though… 12:01am or a more reasonable 9.01am??

Borders in Oxford are putting on a owl show at midnight and I imagine everyone will be dressed up too, might be kind of cool to do that…

My predictions for the book:

  • Harry will return to Hogwarts but only to find the horcruxes which Voldermort hid there when he had access to the cupboard when he worked in Berkin and Botts…
  • It will be discovered that the Avada Kedevra curse doesn’t kill but actually extracts a soul and hides it in a wand… to be retrieved at a later date…
  • Time travel will see Harry Meeting his parents, if ever so briefly.
  • Hogwarts itself will be a Hurcrux with Peeves being the manifestation of this.
  • Fawkes will save Harry’s life.
  • Neither Harry, Ron, , Harmione or Jinny will die but Ron will get bitten by a werewolf.
  • The Weasley twins will make a stand but not make it through.
  • Percy will sacrifice himself to save his mothers life.

Lots more but I won’t bore you with them! Also, don’t forget the movies out first!

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