Webshots and UltraMon

I’ve been using webshots for ages now, its great as a desktop image changer and screensaver as they have a huge database of some of the best photos around.

However, for some reason they’ve chosen to not get their program working on multiple monitors.

Luckily, its quite easy to get the screensaver working with UltraMon, just find where Webshots is installed, then copy the screensaver, (look for a “scr” extension) then copy it to your Windows directory (usually here: C:\WINDOWS\), it needs to be here for UltraMon to pick it up. Just NOTE: That once you move it you won’t be able to change the settings, so make sure you set it up before you move it.

Now just open up UltraMon and select screensavers, it should now appear in the list and you can set it to appear on all of you monitors.

Software here:

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