The Olympics

Just one of the venues at the Vancover Olympics
Just one of the venues at the Vancover Olympic

There is something rather special about the Olympics. There’s very few things I’d stop up until the early hours watching,but here I am watching at 3am, and keep on staying up till late.

First there’s the fact that it’s going on live, and you never quite know what’s going to happen, just in the last hour I sa several horrific looking toboggan crashes and some nasty falls in speed skating – everyone is OK though – and then there’s the cheering on of the national team, gold for the nation is something everyone can get behind, but then you also can’t help but support the participant who’s believed to have no chance but comes pushing up with a fierce determination or the person who’s on their last Olympics and just maybe win that that last medal. So many emotions from the winners and the losers, those who came so close but heartbreakingly missed their chance for Olympic glory.

Then there’s the history of the Olympics, it’s beginnings dating back around 3000 years to a time when nations again competed against each other instead of waring.

But the most important celebration should be just knowing that the world really can come together and take part in something entertaining, magnificent and peacefully.

I’m really enjoying these 2010 Winter Olympics, and looking forward to 2012 when Britain gets to hold the Summer equivalent – that’s going to be just great!

Go TeamGB!

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