So why turkey then? Why is it the bird of choice for Christmas dinner?

Its now 21:00 Christmas Day, and we’ve just started on the turkey sandwiches after having turkey dinner too, that’s an awful lot of turkey for anyone. So am I complaining… yes, but mostly because I enjoy complaining, but lets wait a minute and spare a moment for those poor turkeys.

They spend all year thinking life is good, being fed lots of food and not a care in the world, and then suddenly the tinsel goes up and the axe comes down, Merry Christmas. So, perhaps one day next year you’ll give the turkey’s a break… and have chicken instead!

Enjoy those turkey sandwiches!

And if your still interested in Turkey at Christmas have a look at these web sites:

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Christmas evening.

Christmas is almost over, the presents have been opened, the crackers have been pulled and the turkey has been eaten. It will soon be the end of christmas 2005 and actually, I’ve enjoyed it all.

But actually I always enjoy Christmas. I like getting gifts and I like giving gifts, I like eating too much and sleeping too little, I like seeing all the relatives and hearing all the gossip, I like watching to much tele and doing to little exercise and just like Christmas!

My gifts:

  • George Forman Grilling machine – I’ll tell you how good this is once I get it connected up.
  • Cook book with apron and timer – Recipes for four people.
  • Lots of chocolate – (Terry’s Orange, Cadbury Roses, Nestle Quality Streets, Smarties)
  • Bassetts Liquorice allsorts – Unfortunately, I don’t like these, so my Dad got an extra present!
  • A Simpsons Shower radio – I do like singing in the shower!
  • A pen – It flashes different colours!

And now there is only 364 days until Christmas day – still theres lots more to do before then!

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Christmas day

Just realised, while I’ve been adding some posts the times ticked on and its now tomorrow…


Merry Christmas!

Hope its a good one.

Warmest wishes from Akademy.

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totd: Christmas shop before Christmas Eve.

Always make sure you finish your christmas shopping before it gets to Christmas Eve. There is nothing fun about pressure shopping, not for you and certainly not for the people who receive the rubbish you’ve had to buy them!

Plus, if you shop early, you can have a look around the shops at what you’d like other people to buy you for Christmas – make your christmas list as you go!

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Tip's of the day.

As this is suppose to be an academy of life I am going to try to produce helpful tips to make your life easier than mine. Sometimes they may be silly, sometimes they may be useful, but in the end, hopefully they will be entertaining.

All the tip’s of the day posts will start with “totd” in the title.


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Christmas eve.

Its now quite late on Christmas Eve, Santa will be dropping in within the next hour so I must at least pretend to be asleep when he gets here. Better put the laptop away, its such a give away…

Just set out some milk and cookies and all will be ready. Enjoy Santa!

Good night all. See you Christmas day.

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So its coming to the end of 2005 and I’ve made an early start on my new years resolution, and what is this resolution I hear you ask? Well, your looking right at it!

Welcome to my first ever blog!

In the last two months I’ve moved 200 miles south to a new job, moved out of my parents house at long last and got myself a nice new apartment. Recenctly bought a new car and I’ve even been lucky enough to find myself a new girlfriend!

Things have certainly changed for me, and for the better so far, and this blog will be an account of my life in this new world…


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