What Star Trek species are we?

Star Trek, a TV show that began in the 1960’s, is one of the most popular TV shows ever. Last years big box office movie release showed that it is still a show that many people want to watch and I believe this is because, at its heart, it has always shown a positive future for humanity. It’s a world – no, a galaxy –  in where humans explore the cosmos for no more reason than to see what’s there, there is no financial gain involved, indeed money no longer has any meaning. People work for the good of others towards a common goal. And, of course, they have interesting, exciting, important and ultimately entertaining voyages from one star system to the next.

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Popular Science’s 137 years

The magazine Popular Science holds a remarkable piece of history spanning 137 years covering science progress and future predictions back till 1873.

To celebrate this years birthday they have partnered with google to bring you their complete back catalogue, something like 1500 individual magazines. Each has been scanned to digital and appears as it was published – original artworks, adverts and text. To easily find what you are intersted in the entire collection has been fully text search enabled.

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Star trek XI

The new trailer for the Star trek 11 is now out. And it looks really great.

It doesn’t start out as your typical star trek, in fact there’s no sign it is star trek until a fair way in.

I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t already seen it so watch it before reading on:

My favourite visual must be the building of the enterprise, that looks great. The new crew even looks like the new crew (except Uhura’s been replaced by a model and Scotty looks like he’s been on a crash diet…).

Some favourite shots below:

From Star Trek 11
From Star Trek 11
From Star Trek 11
From Star Trek 11

Spiderman 3

Watched the third film in the Spiderman series on Wednesday.

I really enjoyed it, the action was great and it was really funny in places, the plot didn’t always make sense but who’s going to let that get in the way of a good story!

I’d recommend it to anyone who liked the second one as its pretty much as good as that one. Also, its quite simple to understand what’s going in even if you haven’t seen the others – it stands up well as a seperate movie in itself, although it may actually be worth seeing the first film!

Was a rather heart breaking end to the film though..

Serenity showing for Charity

Well I can’t believe my luck…

I’ve become, almost overnight, a browncoat. (No, not a tramp…)

Browncoats are what fans of Firefly/Serenity call themselves, and in the last few weeks when I started watching the show I’m definately one of them. Even now when I’ve got a pile full of Open university work to get through, I’m surfing the web for info on the show…

…and I’m glad I have because I came upon something I think is an amazing coincidence. Apparently, there’s going to be a charitable showing of Serenity AND the firefox pilot just 20 minutes up the road from where I live! This is a global event happening across 51 cities throught out the world.

Here’s the website with the full listing:

But the one I’m interested in, in oxford at the the “Ultimate Picture Palace”:

And as a bonus, all proceeds will be going to the charity “Equality Now”:

I must say, I can’t wait! (And of course, my girlfriend is sure to want to come too…)

UPDATE: Also, as your already no doubt a fan of Firefly, go here and vote:
http://richlabonte.net/tvvote/index.html Come on, we can beat those Xena pushovers… (!)

A memorial to FireFly Serenity

In a recent magazine poll on what is the best science fiction film of all time there was a big shock.
Star Wars was knocked off the top spot and the film Serenity was crowned “greatest”.

To be honest, I suspected it was a group of fans who got together to push it to the top, but I still really wanted to see what it was like. I was thinking about seeing the film when it was on at the cinema but the trailer made me think it wasn’t worth seeing it (neither did it give any idea of what the film was about) this was a great shame.

I went out to hire it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although, I would have to say I didn’t think it was the “Greatest” by a long way and my suspicious, I thought, were correct… BUT…

After talking to a friend at work, he told me he had the original series that the film continued from, but which had been cancelled after only 11 episodes. it was called FireFly. He graciously let me borrow them and I was curious to see the story unfold.

I’m glad I did because they were brilliant! I was very surprised, but I really thought they were great. I can now, with a hundred percent certainty, say that the people who voted for Serenity did because THEY DO think its the greatest – they were just talking about the film AND the series.

I’m hoping it all comes back… but until then, I’ll have to be buying my own DVD Collection! (And on a side note to this, Amazon have said that after this poll came out, serenity / firefly suddenly shot towards the top seller marks! http://www.sfx.co.uk/page/sfx?entry=sfx_poll_result_sends_serenity)

More info here:
Buy it:

FireFly – May you once again rise from the fire.

Star trek's 40 years old.

I’ve been watching star trek for years and years. I don’t even remember the first time I watch it.

I wouldn’t call myself a trekkie, but I would say I’m a big fan if the show and its positive outlook for all our future’s.

The bbc has some nice images from shows acroiss the decades here:

And here’s the official star trek site:

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